Senior Academician: Universities shouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with industry to know the changing business world and the talent they require. Besides academic research, universities should conduct more action research.

Industrialist: We have various competitive advantage in the region, and Universities should produce the talents that these ‘areas’ require. We feel a ‘mismatch’ exists.

Further, Universities should instill ethics in the graduating students as different learning and development initiatives undertaken by organisations can fill the ‘skill gap’ but cannot do so in the case of ‘ethics gap’. And education should lead to innovation.

These are the some of the key points that were taken up in today’s program on Industry & Academia Meet 2016.

Professor Dr. Sateesh Kumar Ojha, Mr. Suraj Vaidha (Former President-FNCCI), Mr. Haribhakta Sharma (Vice President-CNI and MD at Deurali Janata Pharmaceuticals) and Professor Dr. Shriram Bhagut Mathe shared their great insights into how the stakeholders can work together to bridge the gap between industrial demand and university education.

We would like to thank all distinguished guest speakers, participants and Kathmandu Don Bosco College for making the program a great success.