Knowledge Sharing Session on Employee Engagement Held Successfully.

HR Professionals/ HR Practitioners from various organization attended the KSS program conducted at Kings College on Jan 6, 2018. The program was focused on the Importance of the Employee Engagement Activities in an Organization and the Ways to Make it More Effective.
The takeaways from the program were:  Engaging employees through different activities to keep them motivated at work,  Ensuring proper induction procedures,  Educating the line managers to keep their team members engaged and motivated keeping employees engaged through team building skills, refreshment/ recreational activities,  Taking feedback from the employees through surveys/ different feedback forms to ensure their induction process went well, and  HR person should be open minded to understand the employee’s perception.
Around 40 HR professiIMG-3dacb31453dd06847197d967b53b2d51-V (1)onals from different institutions and organizations were participated in the program. The program was organized by HR Society Nepal, and supported by Nimble Office HRM, and Kings College.