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6th National Human Resource Conference which is scheduled for 12 September 2017 in Kathmandu would be a very useful and important platform to the HR professionals and learners.
I hope the conference is well attended by HR professionals and practitioners. The conference would provide the opportunity to sharing views of eminent international speakers about the changing trends on Human Resource Management practices and its impact on organizational efficiency. I urge to all concerned to get benefits from the conference.
Hansa Ram Pandey
Deputy Director General
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Prof. Subash KC



Human Resources and the way we manage them both need to be qualitatively different for organizations of tomorrow. Rapid and radical changes we are witnessing at the workplace and in the nature of the work and its context, have huge implication for how we understand and undertake HR roles. As we move more deeply into the new organizational order of tomorrow, we will need abundance of multiple talents and adequacy of strategies, systems and capacity to manage them, if organizations are to survive and thrive.


A strategic shift in this direction will be critical for developing future-fit organizations. The change requires transforming HR philosophy, policies, and practices with central thrust on enlisting and enriching talent. Our preparations for such changes are, though, too little and too late.


Discourse on the contents and the process of HR transformation is urgent, and their design and delivery critical. In this context, the conference on HR for Tomorrow: Trends and Transformation is a timely and welcome initiative of HRSN to create a platform for this purpose. HR professionals, academics, and organizational leaders would do well to join and engage in the process of transforming HR and its management.


Prof. Subas KC
Dean, Kathmandu University School of Management

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